You’re invited to represent in the Six Pack Shortcuts test group.

Apps mockup
Apps mockup

However because there are other men eligible in your area, and we want to make sure only the smartest and most dedicated clients have access to Six Pack Shortcuts, you must agree to the following rules:

Be safe and do not get ripped too quickly with Six Pack Shortcuts. The workouts in the Six Pack Shortcuts helps intensify the amount of fat you burn during and after your training sessions. This will result in a huge sudden drop in body fat. Please make sure you do not lose too much belly fat in a very short period of time.

Workout within reasonable limits. The Afterburn Training workouts in the Six Pack Shortcuts program are scheduled strategically to help you get ripped the fastest, but yet in the safest manner. And since you’ll start seeing dramatic results after just a few workouts, you may be tempted to do more Six Pack Shortcuts workouts than are scheduled. Please agree to allow you body to have enough resting time, avoid overtraining and lose fat at a safe rate.

Be careful not to build ripped muscle too rapidly. The Afterburn Training workouts with this program are so powerful for muscle growth that we suggest that you start off by just training with your own body weight first. This is to insure that you are growing at a comfortable rate and allow you and your body to have time to adjust to the large amounts of lean muscle you will be packing on. Many guys have reported that their muscle growth was coming too fast

There is no guarantee you’ll be given the $100 instant discount. this is a limited time discount, we cannot guarantee that this promotion will always be here. Hurry to the next page to make sure you’ve secured and locked down your discount right now.

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