The TestMax Nutrition system is a full-fledged diet and lifestyle guide that equips men with a complete, natural approach to supporting their male hormone system – which is the main factor that determines the condition and appearance of a man’s body.

What does the TestMax Nutrition System include?

The TestMax Nutrition System includes 3 separate series of video tutorials.


    The “Test Ph.D.” video series

  • Within these 9 videos, Clark Bartram along with a few of his trusted colleagues will break down exactly which nutrients are research-proven to support male hormonal health. You’ll learn the best foods to eat if you want to boost your test, which you can make the staples of your diet.
  • In-depth tutorials covering the nutrients, foods, and lifestyle choices that LOWER test plus the simple tips you can use to avoid these factors for good.
  • You’ll learn from a doctor the facts behind TRT treatments as well as the truth behind T-boosting supplements.
  • The “Masculine Food Prep Guide” video series

  • Within this 4 part video series you’ll learn how to prepare the T- boosting foods I showed you in the first module so that they taste delicious - allowing you to more easily stick with this plan. Plus you’ll get Clark’s advanced psychological strategies that will make changing your eating habits far easier.
  • Where most diets set you up to fail, because they require you to spend hours each week preparing boring health foods - TestMax changes the game. You’ll get all of the tips and principles to making meal prep fast. In fact, you’ll learn how to make an entire week's worth of food in under 60 minutes… Just one time a week!
  • The “TestMax Meal Plan & Recipe Guide” video series

  • Each week you will receive a written meal plan that details everything you’ll need to eat in order to support your hormone health.
  • You’ll also receive a video tutorial that shows you the step by step method on how to make your test-boosting recipe of the week, which will be included as part of your meal plan each week. In that video you’ll see the live demonstration of that recipe being prepared, so there will be no guesswork when it comes to making these meals yourself at home.
  • Plus you’ll get a grocery list along with your meal plan that details every ingredient and food item you’ll need to fuel your body with the meals outlined in your meal plan - down to the brand and the exact amount!

How does each phase of the TestMax Meal Plan work?

PHASE 1: Detoxification & Foundational Habits

During the first 30 days of the diet, men will focus on cutting out (weening off) simple sugars and harmful chemicals that are found among processed foods. These types of foods are addictive and are proven to harm your hormone health. You will get a deeper understanding of how many of the day-to-day lifestyle factors that most men believe are healthy are actually contributing to the low-T symptoms that so many men face. That’s why the first phase of the meal plan will focus on detoxifying your body’s endocrine and adrenal systems so that your body will have a clear path to recovering its hormone production.


PHASE 2: Advanced Healthy Eating Habits

During the second phase of the diet, the main focus will be to implement more strategies to encourage higher levels production levels of the master male hormone. The meal plan will be loaded with additional estrogen-blocking foods and also contain increased levels of healthy dietary fats that are proven to directly support the production of your male hormone levels.


PHASE 3: Lifestyle & Health Maintenance

The final phase of the TestMax diet includes establishing a flexible outlook on eating for your hormone health and for maintaining your ideal body weight. Your final 30 days of the meal plan will consist of a healthy blend of micro and macronutrients that will assist men in sustaining their results for years to come.