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You’re invited to represent in the Six Pack Sleep Test group.

However, because there are so many other men who are eligible in your area, I want to make sure that only the smartest and most dedicated clients have access to Six Pack Sleep, so you must agree to the following rules:

  • Do not lose fat or build muscle too quickly with Six Pack Sleep. Since Six Pack Sleep is extremely effective for burning fat and building muscle while you sleep... you might be very tempted to transform your body too quickly. That’s why I want you to promise to use Six Pack Sleep responsibly, and to build muscle and lose fat at a safe and reasonable rate.
  • Do not share Six Pack Sleep with anyone else. When your friends start seeing you transform your body, they will want to know what your “secret weapon” is. Mike is asking that you keep Six Pack Sleep confidential though, so it can remain an advantage that’s only available to his clients.
  • Never take more than the recommended dose. Always follow all directions and warnings on the Six Pack Sleep container carefully. Even if you regularly exceed the recommended dose with other supplements, you should never do it with Six Pack Sleep. Six Pack Sleep is one of the most effective sleep supplements available, so just by taking the recommended dosage, you’ll quickly start seeing the desired results you’re looking for.
  • There is no guarantee you’ll be given access to Six Pack Sleep. Because of the limited amount of Six Pack Sleep Mike has available, and the other clients competing to get it in your area, Mike cannot guarantee that you will get some. You’ll find out if there is Six Pack Sleep available for you on the next page…

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