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How it Works

What will I be working on in each Step of the program?

Step 1.

“Jump-start your fat loss” using a few weeks of workouts designed to maximize the Afterburn Effect.

Step 2.

Next, take a few weeks to focus your workouts and nutrition to maximizing your leptin levels.

Step 3.

Finally, take a few weeks and focus your training on boosting your male hormones. This will help you more with your fat burning, and will help you gain muscle once you’re lean.

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How much time do I need to follow the Six Pack Shortcuts 2 program?

We’ve designed the program to be as simple, easy, and convenient as possible to follow. However, it’s important for you to know that you WILL have to spend some time and effort to get in shape with Six Pack Shortcuts. Each week you will need to spend:

Overall, you should expect to be spend about 3.5 hours per week following the program. If you can commit to this, then I can help you get in shape with Six Pack Shortcuts!

The reason why you can get in shape with such short workouts is that you'll be using Afterburn Training, which is much more effective than the workouts most people do at the gym. Watch this video now to find out how it works!

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What Support Resources Do You Offer Six Pack Shortcuts Clients?

Six Pack Shortcuts App

You’ll get a free fitness app along with your Six Pack Shortcuts 2 program. This only takes a second to download on your smartphone or tablet. This app will allow you to watch each workout video instantly anywhere with internet connection. And our new app doesn’t just give you convenient access to your training videos…it also contains some revolutionary new technology that will make getting in shape much faster and easier for you.And that’s not all, with this training APP, you can schedule alarms to remind you of your workouts.Take progress pics…like Johnson did to see your week to week improvements and progress. Also, I’ve included short demonstration videos of every single exercise I know…Not just the ones in the program, so if ever you want to try something new on your own…you won’t have to spend hours online trying to find out if you are doing those new exercises right.

1-on-1 Email Coaching From Certified Personal Trainers

I offer FREE one-on-one email coaching to all Six Pack Shortcuts 2 clients. The reason why I’m giving you free time with my trainers like this is that I believe that live coaching is KEY to getting in shape. The videos are great to learn most of the concepts and exercises, but every now and then you come across an individual issue that only a live trainer can address.

Currently, we have a team of fitness coaches on staff who are dedicated to helping you succeed with the program. You’ll be given their contact information when you sign up, and you’ll have unlimited lifetime access to them when you sign up for Six Pack Shortcuts 2.

Responsive And Helpful Customer Support

If you ever have any technical problems watching the videos, or a question about your account our customer support team will be there to help you! We answer all client emails within two business days, and we’re dedicated to ensuring you have a great experience with the program. You can also contact us for live phone support on business days from 11 AM – 8 PM United States Central time. Outside those hours, you can leave us a voice message and we’ll get back to you on the next business day.

Phone Coaching Upgrade Available For Clients

I also offer 1-on-1 phone training with my Private phone coaches. My private phone coaches who I’'ve been training for years and have ample amount of fitness experience. They know more about fitness than anyone I know, and I actually learn from them myself.

However, their time is extremely limited, so training with them is not available to the public. However, Six Pack Shortcuts 2 clients have the option to upgrade their membership to include 1-on-1 coaching and mentorship from with my private trainers for a small fee. This is a great option for the most dedicated clients who really want to maximize their results with this program.

When you sign up for Six Pack Shortcuts 2 you don’t just get a video course. You also get as your personal coach, trainer, mentor and friend. And, you have unlimited access to my team of fitness experts who will ensure you stay on track to get your ripped body and six pack abs. If you want to take advantage of the killer support you get with Six Pack Shortcuts 2, then check out the Hormone Training video now to learn more!

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What Are The Steps Involved In Following Six Pack Shortcuts?

  1. Sign up for Six Pack Shortcuts 2 using our secure order form.

  2. Once you sign up, you’ll be given access to my clients-only site. This is where you can stream or download all the videos.

  3. You will watch 2 short videos to get started with the program—and you’ll do the first workout the same day you sign up. I know that it’ll be one of the best and most intense workouts you’ve ever done, and from then on you’ll be hooked on the new simple 3 Step Hormone Training ;)

  4. For the workouts – you’ll be watching the workout instructional videos at the beginning of each step. When you do the workouts, you’ll be can follow alone straight from your phone app, or from our printable workout guide. The workouts last about 30 minutes on average, and you’ll be working out four times per week.

  5. For the eating plan – you’ll watch 1 new video on nutrition each week. And every week I’ll give you access to a new nutrition video. Once every 7 days, you’ll be cooking a week’s worth of healthy meals in advance according to the nutritional guidelines I lay out for you.

  6. The Six Pack Shortcuts 2 program lasts 12 weeks, and you should commit to following the program for at least 12 weeks if you sign up. You can switch to another workout plan after 12 weeks if you choose, but I recommend that you continue to follow the program permanently after this to maintain your results.

    If you want to continue doing Six Pack Shortcuts 2 after 12 weeks, you'll just follow step 3 (the final step) as your permanent workout routine. It includes 10 challenging workouts, so you'll never get bored or hit a plateau. And it'll be a great way to not only keep your results, to get even MORE lean and ripped after this. I’ve also included variation of each exercise, so it unlimited on the options you have.

    I also include videos that show you how you can maintain your body with significantly less time than is required for the main Six Pack Shortcuts program. Of course I want to stress that you can never just stop working out and eating clean altogether, and expect to maintain your ripped body...but I will show you how to cut the effort needed to maintain your body down to the absolute minimum so it doesn't interfere with your busy lifestyle.

  7. I’m legally obligated to tell you that I’m not a doctor, and I can’t make any guarantees of results. However, remember that I include a 100% money-back guarantee with Six Pack Shortcuts. If you don’t get a ripped body and six pack abs with the program - or you’re not satisfied with the program for any other reason, just shoot me an email and I’ll happily refund you money. No hassles, no questions asked. That’s how confident I am that you’ll get the results you’re looking for with this program.

Want to get started? The first step is to watch the free Hormone Training video, where I share some of my most valuable workout tips and where I reveal more about the program.

Watch The Afterburn Video

How Will I Be Watching The Videos?

You can INSTANTLY stream your training videos from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. If you can watch YouTube videos, then you can watch Six Pack Shortcuts training videos too!

I also offer the option to download all videos in high quality .mp4 format in your computer. You’ll be able to bring the videos with you anywhere, and watch them in crystal clear high definition.

And remember when you get started with Six Pack Shortcuts, you have full access to my free app. This way you’ll also be able to put them onto your iPhone, iPad, or any other mobile device and bring them to the gym with you.

And if you prefer to watch you workouts on DVD, you’ll have a one click option to have the entire program in sent to you in DVD format. This means you’ll have DVDs, if you like - AND you’ll also get all the benefits of online access as well.

Get started today by watching the 3 Step Hormone Training video!

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I Have Another Question About Six Pack Shortcuts, How Can I Get It Answered?

If you have another question about Six Pack Shortcuts, your best bet is to check out my 3 Step Training video. Not only will you get some killer workout tips for free - but I also answer all of the most common questions about Six Pack Shortcuts in detail. Chances are, the answer to your question is here:

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If you’ve already watched the video and you didn’t see the answer to your question, give me a call at 1855-520-7596. Your call will be answered by a knowledgeable and friendly trainer on my team who will be happy to help you out with anything you need.