Here’s What People Are Saying About Thomas & His Work With Keto Nutrition

"When I found Thomas on YouTube i was desperate for change. I was 6 years out of a Major League Baseball career and really let my health go. I had suffered from low energy, anxiety, and depression.

I had never heard of a ketogenic diet before. And the way Thomas explained the science behind his lifestyle and didn’t cram bro-science down my throat i was sold. I reached out to him in desperation. I did everything he asked of me to a tee. I can’t believe the changes I saw.

This is the only thing that I’ve tried in my life that has actually shown me results this quickly. And believe me I’ve tried a lot. Thomas not only knows his science, but is passionate about creating a healthy life for all those willing to give this amazing ketogenic lifestyle a chance. I’m sure glad i did!"

— Aubrey Huff - San Francisco Giants

"I saw significant change in my body within a month of working with Thomas and he had changed the way I look at food for the rest of my life.

His dedication to being as educated and up to date on diet and the body made me trust in his system and gave me incredible results.

I’m now in the shape I’ve always wished I could be in and it’s all thanks to the plan Thomas set!”

— Ross Butler - 13 Reasons Why, Riverdale, Teen Wolf

"I always wanted to lose weight! Before I started using Thomas’s approach, my doctor told me I was borderline diabetic with high blood pressure…

…And that I probably become insulin resistant. So I didn’t know who Thomas was, I just started researching and I found him…

…And when I learned about this eating pattern, it changed my life forever! I’m not just saying this to fluff Thomas’s feathers - I truly mean this from the bottom of my heart.

This method literally shreds the fat that’s been sitting on your body for months maybe even years! Also I have learned obesity does not have to be an option.

Thank you again Thomas DeLauer you have helped change my life!”

— Bruce Lynch

"I can't explain to you the lifestyle I was living before keto - I’m a husband, father, and business owner…

…I was TIRED, my hormones were jacked up and I was unhappy. After using keto, I am now entering the life and body I always wanted, man. I followed your keto diet step by step. Thank you!

Thanks to Thomas I have a body to sustain my marriage, parenting, business, and over all life demands! Marriage is soaring, I have energy for my 2 year little girl.

My fitness company is exploding here in Tulsa Oklahoma! I have no problem facing the day now! Let’s go! Thanks Thomas. Your resource has become a milestone in my family legacy for generations to come!”

— Skye Magness



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