The KETOX course is designed specifically to leverage ketosis and the principles of a ketogenic diet while also incorporating scientifically-proven detox methods for safe, effective fat loss. Included in the KETOX course are a variety of plant-based superfood recipes to cover your vital nutrient needs in order to gradually indoctrinates your body into ketosis for safe, effective fat loss, boosting lean muscle and tone, relieving inflammation and stress cortisol levels, along with increasing energy, focus, and brain power.

It consists of 5 comprehensive ketogenic and detox tutorials which cover all of the peer-reviewed and published research behind KETOX, how to get started, and shortcuts to reaching your health goals - from breaking down how to avoid the infamous “keto flu” to delicious keto dessert recipes:

KETOX Video Module Series

Learn the science of achieving ketosis with the 5-video KETOX digital video seminar series. From answering some of the most controversial questions and myths surrounding keto to covering dozens of carb-hack substitutions, this video series will be the basis for achieving optimal results on a keto diet.

KETOX Course Guide & Meal Plan

The KETOX Course Guide is an in-depth, printable manual consisting of everything you need to know to be successful on the KETOX Diet. You’ll also find the KETOX 3-phase meal plan, which provides you with a step-by-step guide to achieving the ketosis state in a safe, sustainable manner. Consisting of macronutrient breakdowns and customizable meal options, you’ll have never have to do any guess work.

KETOX Express Cookbook

With this recipe guide, you’ll be able to choose from over 30 delicious low-carb breakfast, lunch and dinner options to fuel your keto needs. Plus, an 20 additional bonus recipes for keto-friendly snacks, sides and decadent desserts - following a diet plan has never tasted this good.

The Ignite TDX Exercise Course

As a bonus to all KETOX users, the program also includes the IgniteTDX training course which includes 7 15-minute at-home “Thermo-Detox” full-body workouts designed for cleansing the body of harmful toxins and rejuvenating one’s metabolic processes for fast, long-lasting weight loss results.

Free Supply Of Green Detox

Based on the KETOX Discount and free bonuses you select, users also can receive 1 FREE bottle or get a full 3 month supply of Green Detox - the #1 best-tasting superfood detox drink available. Containing over 13 key superfoods, the Green Detox formula is designed to help fully detox the body, support a healthy metabolism, improve mental clarity, naturally boost energy levels, and help burn off unwanted body fat.

Access to the Jump Start Facebook Group

As a KETOX member, you will also have lifetime access to the exclusive Jump Start Coaching Facebook Group where you along with all of our members will be able to ask questions to our coaches, track your progress, and have the support of thousands of others looking to achieve their health and fitness goals.

How Does It Work?

To use the program, simply begin by logging into the member site and watching all 5 KETOX tutorial videos. These videos will provide you with a solid baseline to better understand how ketosis works, the detox process, and how the whole course is set up for boosting your metabolic potential to reach your ideal body and health.

Once you’ve completed your tutorials, print out your KETOX Meal Plan Guide along with The KETOX Express Cookbook to understand what foods you will need to avoid as well as how to incorporate Green Detox into your daily diet.

Next, ensure that you’ve accepted the invitation to the private Jump Start Coaching Group on Facebook so you can be a part of the community of thousands of others that have been in your position and that have seen incredible success in changing their health and fitness for the better.

Once you are comfortable with the KETOX diet course and familiar with the meals, then watch the introduction video to the IgniteTDX training course video and get started integrating 2 workouts a week into your regime. If you are already following a training program, you may continue to follow it or add in the IgniteTDX workouts as they are only 15- minutes in length and can be done right at home.

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