"I want to show you my natural and simple way to enjoy life… The way using science-based, proven methods to maximize fat loss."

Hey, It’s Thomas DeLauer,

And before I tell you more about myself, I gotta share this with you… Because just a few short years ago, I experienced one of the most devastating events in my life - I went from having just a bit of extra belly fat to being full-blown medically obese.

I tried and tried, over and over to get myself in shape, but nothing seemed to work. I ended up dangerously close to losing everything - the woman I love, my job, the respect of my peers… And, of course, my looks were plummeting… I was over 260 pounds at one point!

And when it felt like nothing else was going to make a difference, I took a shot at a new approach to weight loss. One that didn’t have me eating small meals constantly throughout the day or sticking to a low-carb, low-fat, or low-calorie diet. When it all came down to it, I was able to get not only in good health and a safe weight but in the best shape of my life.

I made so many mistakes trying all the diets out there with the workouts I shouldn’t have been doing. And I know there are guys out there, like you, in the same situation that have tried their hardest to get in shape by doing the same things… Making the same mistakes… And kill themselves in the pursuit of the body they not only want but deserve.

“And, even though I'm lean now, I still have the stretch marks to prove how much my body was ruined after doing all the wrong styles of dieting and exercising for my fat loss goals.”

So, I want to show you my natural and simple way to enjoy life… The way using science-based, proven methods to maximize fat loss.

Now, as a businessman, a new father, and a health and wellness coach, I understand that we just don't have the time to cook and prepare meals in advance or work out for hours on end.

That’s why I’ve dedicated all my free time to show you how I was able to tap into the most effective fat mobilization and detox process ever through using ketosis to help flush out stubborn body fat.

I’ve helped millions of viewers do so on YouTube. However, those videos are just brief breakdowns and short clips of what I talk about in my complete program.

So to make it easier for those of us who are just too busy, have no fitness or nutrition experience, have low energy, and are just plain tired… Tired of trying and wasting money on things that just don’t work.

I compiled everything I’ve discovered in the last few years to created a simple, yet detailed, a ketogenic detox system to help you achieve this one life-changing goal the same way I did.

In fact, I included my IgniteTDX course to maximize your fat loss efforts while following my ketogenic detox diet protocol - and you’ll experience the proof yourself within just the first few weeks of starting this program.

Ever since I created the KETOX course, I made a shocking new discovery which really changes everything. Listen - try this program out - once you do, you’ll never look back.

Because everything you experience and see going forward with the KETOX Ketogenic Detox Diet System will have you living a life that’s more fun, satisfying, and complete like you’ve always imagined for yourself.

I would say good luck… But, honestly, you won't need it…

Because you have a comprehensive scientific approach and definite research on your side… Along with me, your new friend and fat loss coach.

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