Upload Your Before & After
Here's how to do it:
  1. Before you start the workouts, take a picture of yourself. For guys, take a shirtless picture, for women a picture with a sports bra is best. Take a few different shots -- front, side, and back shots are good.
  2. Do the workouts, eat the meals, and transform your body!
  3. Once you have take the same shots as you took before for your after picture. Try and keep everything the same as much as possible (the background, lighting, etc.) so that your body transformation is really emphasized.
  4. Choose the shots you think show your transformation in the best and most dramatic way, and upload those with the forms below.
  5. Write a short written success story talking about your experience with Six Pack Shortcuts. Talk about the specific results you got with the program (fat loss, muscle gain, etc.) Also discuss why you liked the program, and if you'd recommend it to others.

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I understand that I'm sending these pictures to Mike. If it's selected as a top success story, I give him permission to publish my picture on his site, YouTube channel, or elsewhere to inspire others and to show them how it's possible to transform your body through fitness.