We’ve eliminated all the nonsense and put together a program specifically made to do one thing and one thing only... BUILD MUSCLE as fast as possible.

Every rep, every set and every training session of Monster Mass is designed to help you build muscle like a beast. It works so fast, it’ll seem like you’re “reprogramming” your muscle building genetics.

Unlike traditional muscle building workouts that require you to gain a large amount of body fat, also known as BULKING... Monster Mass is the only muscle building program that lets you build:

Mike Changs Monster Mass, Complete Muscular Body

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Monster Mass is exactly what you NEED. This complete muscle building program will help you develop rock hard muscles if you have bad genetics, no workout experience, and even if you're currently in the worst shape of your life.

Once you start training with this program, your friends, family and even you will be shocked by how fast MUSCLE will appear on your body.

Mike Changs Monster Mass, Complete Muscular Body

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Monster Mass is based on the newest proven training technique called Monster Sets. The scientific term for Monster Sets is "agonist-antagonist supersets," and they consist of two sets of exercises done at maximum intensity back to back for opposing muscle groups. These workouts will force maximum muscle expansion and development.

Monster Mass is the only program that includes ALL 4 Crucial Elements Needed To Build Muscle FAST!

1. Monster Mass gives you the ultimate muscle pump.

Monster Sets are designed to force extreme muscle growth by creating a greater muscular "pump" -- or blood flow to your muscles from your workout. This will allow your muscles to be recharged with a constant flow of muscle building nutrients and fresh oxygen.

Mike Chang's Insane Home Fat Loss, Step by Step Exercise Demonstration
2. Monster Mass can give you a killer muscle building workout in just 30 to 35 minutes when you're using Monster Sets.

TResearch has already proven that workouts lasting longer than 35 minutes can actually cause muscle loss and fat gain. But with Monster Mass, you are doing two sets back to back, which means you will be doing twice as many sets as a guy working out with regular sets alone in the same amount of time.

Mike Chang's Insane Home Fat Loss, Step by Step Exercise Demonstration
3. Train with full intensity.

Monster Sets are extremely intense, because when you use them you'll be working out two major muscle groups at the same time with little rest. But with the unique combination of Monster Mass exercises, your body will be able to recover more efficiently. And this allows you to constantly train with more power, strength and intensity for faster muscle growth.

Mike Chang's Insane Home Fat Loss, Step by Step Exercise Demonstration
4. And... you get Mike’s best muscle building nutrition course FREE with Monster Mass.

It's important to remember that the right diet is just as important as the training. And because I want Monster Mass to be a complete muscle building system, I’ve included my Monster Mass eating program free when you sign up for Monster Mass.

Mike Chang's Insane Home Fat Loss, Step by Step Exercise Demonstration

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