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The Newest Evolution of Pre-Workout Supplementation!

Afterburn Fuel Will Help You Get The Results You Want Fast!

Maximize Muscle Growth

Increase Fat Loss

Power Boosted Energy Levels

Results may vary, and testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results. All testimonials are real, and all the guys pictured transformed their body through using the Afterburn Fuel pre-workout supplement in addition to Mike Chang's exercise and nutrition systems. However, these results are meant as a showcase of what the best, most motivated clients have done and should not be taken as average or typical results.

In addition, you assume certain risks inherent in pre-workout supplements by using Afterburn Fuel. Afterburn Fuel is designed to be an extremely intense pre-workout supplement that gives you massive energy, focus, and muscle pumps in the gym. It contains caffeine and other stimulant ingredients. You should not take Afterburn Fuel if you are sensitive to stimulants, or if you have any health issues that may make use of intense pre-workout supplements hazardous. Always consult with your physician before taking Afterburn Fuel, or before taking any supplement or making any changes to your diet or workout plan.

All scientific evidence on this page is for individual ingredients in the Afterburn Fuel formula. Although these ingredients have been extensively studied, these results are not purported to represent the results a typical user may get from using the complete Afterburn Fuel formulation.

Never exceed the recommended dose of Afterburn Fuel under any circumstances. If you experience any adverse reactions or side effects, immediately discontinue use of Afterburn Fuel and mail it back to us for a full refund.

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Get The Ripped & Muscular Body You Want.

There's finally a way to supercharge your workouts and get the body you have always wanted fast!

Have you been training hard to get into better shape, but no matter what you do,it just seems like you can't get anymore results? And are there times when you just don't have the energy to train the way you know you need to, and every rep and set you do is a constant struggle? Well the scientists at Afterburn Nutrition have developed a pre-workout that is perfect for you.

Unlike most pre-workouts that are "stimulant-concentrated" formulas that only provide a short burst of energy then leave you feeling worse than before, Afterburn Fuel is designed with nutrients that fuel the body from the start to the finish of your workout.

Afterburn Fuel was developed at the state of the art Afterburn Nutrition Research Center. It is one of the most thoroughly researched pre-workout products on the market today, and as a fitness enthusiast, I am very careful when I'm selecting the ingredients that will go into my body. That's why I've made more than just a powerful muscle building compound. My team and I actually created a supplement that is safe and designed to support your performance needs.

So Afterburn Fuel is packed with proven ingredients, and on top of that, it is a tested pre-workout that's effective for promoting muscle building, fat loss, and an increased workout intensity.

All you have to do is spend 30 seconds stirring it up and then proceed to drink down this delicious formula prior to your workouts. The best part is, it makes you want to workout and will help you get results fast. Once Afterburn Fuel hits your body, you'll be on your way to getting the ripped body and six pack abs you've always wanted.


Muscle Pump & Strength Igniter
Advanced Nitric Oxide Booster
Get Jacked Matrix

Afterburn Fuel's Rapid Results

Each serving of Afterburn Fuel is loaded with these four key ingredients:

Beta Alanine

This ingredient raises muscle carnosine levels and increases the amount of work you can perform at high intensities resulting in improving time to exhausting as well as ground-breaking bounds in your endurance during your workouts.


AfterBurn Fuel packs 750mg of creatine within it's formula to boost your overall strength, power and GAINS! More creatine equals more ATP, the primary currency of cellular energy. More ATP means more power available to the muscles. More power means more activation of muscle fibers yielding more overall weight lifted. More weight means more MUSCLE SIZE!

Achieve Your Fitness Goals
In Record Time

L-Arginine AKG

Priming your body with L-Arginine AKG will ready you to reach your peak athletic performance due to it's specific role in supporting the liver to break down and flush away the toxin-riddled by-products of muscle exercise, enabling you to exercise longer with more resistance to fatigue, enhancing your ability to attain even more lean body mass

Citrulline Malate

This amino acid compound delays the onset of fatigue during intense training allowing you to push your physiological limits for overall workout performance and recovery.

The scientists at Afterburn Nutrition Research Center has selected only the finest and the highest grade ingredients. This is to ensure that the hard work you put into your training will give you a maximum return on results.

Each serving of Afterburn Fuel is loaded with Creatine and Beta Alanine. So these two ingredients are the most researched and trusted naturally occurring compounds for producing massive muscle gains. In addition, this formula also combines an advanced form of L-Arginine called AAKG and Citrulline Malate. These two compounds are used to give you an intense pump and accelerate your muscle recovery that you need so you can blast through your hardest workouts without any delays. And when these four ingredients are combined, your workout intensity and strength will skyrocket.

Plus, with Afterburn Fuel, you'll easily avoid any distractions because you'll have laser focus and increased concentration. This will allow you to train with full intensity and make sure you avoid becoming lazy. You'll surpass every fitness goal you have in record time and you'll finally be satisfied with the results you see.

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How Afterburn Fuel Works


Afterburn Fuel is absorbed into your bloodstream.

You'll instantly feel more alert, focused and you'll also feel what I call a "liquid motivation rush" through your body. No matter how tired you are, Afterburn Fuel's concentration and focus formula will give you the long lasting boost of energy you need to take on the toughest workouts.

Muscle Growth Activation.

Creatine, AAKG, Citrulline Malate and other muscle building nutrients are then pumped to your targeted muscle group. This overflow of nutrients and blood flow quickly enhances your strength, power, endurance and workout intensity allowing you to train harder and heavier. When you are on Afterburn Fuel, your muscle fibers will be fully activated and prepared to build the ripped muscle you are looking for.

Accelerated Fat Burning And Recovery Mode.

With Beta Alanine, L-Carnitine, and our specially formulated Cognitive & Focus Matrix fully absorbed into your system, you'll have the motivation and drive to fight through fatigue which could help you burn more fat and give you the ability to rest less during your workouts.

Perpetual Pump And Amplified Afterburn Effect.

Even long after your workout, you'll notice that your muscles are still looking pumped like you just got finished training. In addition, the more intense you are, the greater your Afterburn Effect could be. In short, the Afterburn Effect is the calories you burn AFTER you exercise. And real people out there have already proven that it works. So now have the chance to gain the upper hand and the competitive edge like these guys did. And most importantly, you'll being doing it safely because Afterburn Fuel's clinically researched ingredients will help you get there fast and without the use of crazy drugs.

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60-DAY 100% Money Back Guarantee!
If you don't like Afterburn Fuel for any reason at all, just mail the container back within 60 days for a 100% money-back refund. Even if you've used the entire container of Afterburn Fuel and you just mail back the empty container. Just email us at or call us at 800-655-8576 if you live inside the United States, at 855-520-7596 if you live outside the United States within 60 days for a 100% money-back refund. No hassles, no questions asked. The Afterburn Fuel customer service team will make sure you receive your money back. (Minus Shipping & Handling)

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