The Skinny Guy Bible!

The Skinny Guy Bible!

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I get tons of questions from people with what I like to call the skinny issue. People who are skinny and just cant seem to add mass no matter what they do. In this article I will give you several ways to build crazy mass fast, even if you are a super skinny and have always had trouble adding mass!


Weight training is a priority


If you are a skinny guy your main focus in the gym needs to be lifting weights. Long cardio workouts are not only boring and time consuming, but also they begin to burn muscle instead of fat once you reach 80 percent of your Target Heart Range.


Cardio is important but when you are trying to bulk up it can really minimize your progress. There are plenty of killer cardio workouts that wont burn muscle. If you want to learn more about them check out this blog entry I wrote on effective cardio routines.

Effective cardio blog


Make ysure you are also focusing on lifting higher weight and lower repetitions. This is going to ensure you build the dense muscle. Power lifts like bench press, squats, deadlifts, and military presses should be your core lifts.


Here is a killer weight training routine you can even do from home that will build serious mass to your chest!





Do one power lift per day


A lot of people stick to a generic back and bicep, Chest and tricep and then one day for legs. When you are trying to add mass you want to make sure you exaugst the muscles to their absolute limit. So the best way to add on serious mass quick is add at least one power lift to each workout you do this is how I set up incorporating power lifts into my weeks workouts


This is how I do my break down


  • Monday- Chest, Bench Press
  • Tuesday- Back, Deadlifts
  • Wednesday- Arms, Clean and Presses
  • Thursday- Shoulders, Military Presses
  • Friday- Legs, Squats
  • Saturday- Off
  • Sunday- Off


Some people get worried because they feel like they wont be working out the muscle enough, however I add these power lifts to my already intense routines just adding to the effectiveness of the workout in adding mass to my body! This just gives you the ability to get more out of each muscle.



Leave shaping exercises to the end of your workouts


Obviously everyone has a certain shape to their body they are trying to achieve. Whether you are using resistance bands, cables, light weight dumbbells, or certain body weight exercises… ALWAYS leave them to the end of your workouts. These exercises can get you spent fast, however they don’t do much to build mass.


80 percent of your workout should be heavy power lifts. Once you begin to feel like you cant do anymore, go ahead and begin spending a little extra time doing some cable or resistance band exercises. Shaping is important depending on your goal, however does not contribute to building mass.


Check out this free video that will explain to you exactly what you need to do you put on muscle mass.


Free AfterBurn Video


Eat extra carbs


Protein is whats builds muscle, however whenever I am trying to bulk up I eat 5 times the carbs I usually would. Most days I’ll eat a big bowl of rice before all of my workouts. High Carb diets enable your body to absorb all of the protein you consume. Also it gives you the extra dense calories you will need to put on size. Here is a list of great carbs you can eat to help you put on size.


  • Brown Rice
  • Yams
  • Quinoa
  • Cous cous
  • Yukon Gold Potatoes


You want to make sure all of the protein you eat is absorbed into the muscle fibers so the muscles grow. When you add extra carbs that are metabolized in the body before proteins, and are your body’s main source of energy, you will have more energy to give more to your workouts, stretch your limits even further, and add on crazy mass to your entire body!


Click the link below for a free download of the simple eating guide and learn how to eat the way you need to add serious dense muscle to your body!


Simple eating guide


I hope that you guys have taken away some good information from this article if you want even more tips to get a ripped muscular body check out this free video to learn about the program I used to get the body I have today!


Afterburn video