The Best Way To GET IN SHAPE

One question I’ve been getting a lot from my subscribers is: what’s the best way to get into shape?

Of course, the answer depends on what you mean by “best.” But the criteria that I use is — what has been PROVEN to get you into great shape, the FASTEST?

Because if you start seeing results fast, then you’ll be encouraged to stick with the program. You’ll put more into your workouts and get even better results. This is why I think that the fastest way to get into shape is also the best, as long as you’re doing it in a safe way.

In this video I talk about an important key to getting in shape fast, without having to obsess about your diet or live in the gym. Most people assume this is what I do, but it’s not the case. The reality is, what I do to stay in shape is to do quick 30 minute workouts four times a week, plus I follow a simple eating system to keep my nutrition on point. THAT’S IT.

I do very little cardio, and for most of the day I’m sitting in front of my computer (how do you think I’m able to make so many newsletters and videos for you guys ;) ). I have a pretty active social life, and I’ll occasionally drink and eat unhealthy food when I feel like it. On top of this, I eat like a horse — probably more than two “normal” people combined.

So you’re probably wondering — how the hell can I do all this and stay in great shape?

It’s because I understand and use this one simple principle that allows me to build muscle and burn fat far more efficiently than the average person. And once you put it to work, it’ll work wonders for you too — watch the video to find out what it is.

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