Ineffective vs. Effective Cardio

Ineffective vs. Effective Cardio

Ineffective cardio


In this article I am going to detail cardio workouts that most people find themselves doing that will actually keep them fat, and alternatives you can incorporate into your routines that will get your ripped!




Treadmills are in every gym I have ever been in. I see countless people wasting their time on these machines. Let me tell you why. Treadmills do NOT build muscle.. Once you reach upwards of 80 percent of your Resting Metabolic Rate you body can no longer run on fat alone as fuel, and will begin to burn muscle. The less muscle you have the less calories you burn on the daily basis! Bottom line, Treadmills will keep you fat so don’t use them!


Elliptical workouts are horrible for your hips and ankles! Also holding onto the machine which is recommended due to safety will completely take your core muscles out of the exercise. To get a decent workout on an elliptical you have to spend at least an hour on the machine, and we all know that is NO FUN at all!


Stationary Bike

Linked to causing major back injuries and an all around bad exercise for fat loss. The body has to stay active for entirely too long to get a satisfactory workout and will begin to burn muscle instead of fat to compensate. Stick to shorter more intense forms of cardio if your goal is fat loss!





Recumbent Bike

To train the body effectively you should be mimicking motions that you would do regularly. The recumbent bike will put you into a more than 90 degree bend that you will never be in during your daily activities. The recumbent bike was made for people for felt like the stationary bike was giving them back pains. It solved this problem, but has the same adverse affects to weight loss as the stationary bike. This is not an efficient cardio workout for fat loss.

Stair Climber

Stair Climbers put a lot of stress on the knees, hips and ankles. For safety it is recommended that you brace yourself by holding on the rails to your side. This completely takes all Core muscles out of the exercises. Stair climbers are better for fat loss than the options above, however most people will find themselves getting bored with the repetitive motions and hardly stick to it.

Effective Cardio



This is a simple and efficient cardio workout that will get you a ripped beach body. The best part about it is it only takes 3 minutes and can be done at home with no equipment at all! It consists of simple body weight exercises that anyone can do regardless of your current fitness level! Check out this video and try out the M100’s today!



9 Minute extreme cardio

The biggest excuse that people who don’t workout have is that they don’t have the time to do it. This is a killer cardio workout you can do from home and only takes 9 minutes! Watch this video and try doing it 3 times a week on top of your strength training and watch how fast you get a ripped beach body!



Home Chest and Back Workout

This workout is a great cardio and muscle building exercise that can be done from home if you don’t have access to a gym or are new to working out. Also if you are traveling you can take advantage of this routine from wherever you may be. Its short and very effective in burning belly fat! Here’s a link to the free video so you can check it out and start today!



Home Chest and Bicep Workout

Here is another quick and effective cardio workout that can be done from home with just a dumbbell. This workout will get you ripped fast. It consists of a few different pushup variations and also a dumbbell  that you will work your shoulders with. You’re going to be shocked how effective this workout is for burning your belly fat!



If you want to learn more killer at home workouts that will get you ripped fast check out this free video!


Free Afterburn Training Video