Easy Ways For Beginners to Lose Belly Fat

Easy Ways For Beginners to Lose Belly Fat

Hey Guys, I have clients at all different fitness levels, and believe me I know how intimidating it can be if you’re a beginner with no experience with exercising and working out. Here’s a list of idea’s if you are brand new to working out that will help you build a habit of working out and get you ripped fast!


Start with body weight exercises


Going to a gym right off the bat can sometimes be overwhelming. I remember the first time I walked into a gym and saw all the equipment and machines I didn’t know where to begin… and honestly… I walked right out. Haha.


I had a friend who gave me the idea of working out at home with body weight exercises. This really helped me get motivated and build up some confidence. After three weeks of doing a body weight exercise at home I had lost some weight in by belly, was starting to see some definition in my arms, and had plenty of confidence to go back to the gym to start lifting weights.


Keep in mind you will have to lift weights and have strength training in your routine to really reach your full potential, but starting off slow with body weight exercises is a great start. Check out this free video that will tell you about a great program full of body weight exercises that can get ripped, and excited about continuing working out in the future.


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 Make short term goals


Im sure you all know that its in your best interest to set goals for yourself when beginning an exercise routine. However a lot of times people will set unattainable goals, they get discouraged, and stop working out. The best way for you to get ripped fast is to set week long goals so you are getting encouraged weekly as you see your results.


Like anything in life you should have a goal in mind when it comes to exercise. Whether its cutting out a picture of someone in a magazine with the body you want, or trying to run 5 miles in 30 minutes. Having a goal to work toward will definitely motivate you to continue working out.


My only advice to this is start with short term goals. For example “I want to lose 2 lbs this week.” With just a little bit of effort a beginner with a fat loss goal can achieve this. Once you begin to see the scale drop and say to yourself… “wow, im really doing some good for myself.” You will continue to be motivated and increase the degree of difficulty of the goals you set for yourself.


The purpose of this is to simply insure you never set yourself up for failure. Its great to have a simple an effective routine to keep your fitness goals on track. Check out this free video that will tell you all about the program thousands have used to get a ripped body and six pack abs.


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Build a habit


This is another topic that is some what obvious to some people, however I still feel its important for me to address. Consistency is the number one thing your body responds to, so making a habit out of working out is crucial to your success in any workout program.


Consistency is key when it comes to a fitness program. Your body responds to consistency so if you workout inconsistently you will see little to no results. Its been said that it takes 21 days to build a habit. Whether its working out or eating healthy I believe it applies.


Its not going to be easy however it gets much easier after the first 21 days! Just push through it! Find a quick workout you can do once a day to help you. Here is a video of a quick workout I do daily that take less than 5 minutes. It’ll get you pumped about working out fast!


Free Killer Cardio Workout



Get a workout partner


Accountabilty is huge for any workout program. People are 75 percent more likely to go the the gym 5 times a week if they are meeting a friend there. You will also be able to left more weight with your workout partner spotting you so you will naturally get ripped faster than if you were just working out on your own.


Also you’ll push yourself harder than you may want to some days just to keep up with your partner. This is beneficial to both of you.


Keep a notebook tracking your daily progress


This goes right along with goal setting but if you keep track of all the sets reps you do of a certain exercise along with the weight you will be able to you will see your strength and stamina go up quickly.


Its all about staying motivated. Listen if we could all keep a ripped body without going to the gym, I doubt any of us really would. However that not being the case its every important you keep your self encouraged and motivated. If you aren’t seeing the difference you wont continue, but many times since you look at yourself daily you don’t see the immediate progress. Keeping a notebook and tracking your progress will ensure that you see all the progress you are making on a day to day basis




3 Easy workouts that can be done from home to help you start


Here is a list of 3 killer exercises that will get you ripped and you can even do them from home!





All of these exercises are super efficient in building muscle and burning fat. Get a partner and commit to doing just 1 per day for 21 days! Its as simple as that to start! Check out this Free video that will give more crazy exercises so you can get ripped fast for the up coming beach going months!


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