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Hey y’all,

It’s Mike Chang and you better have your tickets ready for today’s gun show workout.
This workout is going to show you how to blow up your arms and have you ripping shirt sleeves in no time. And with these huge arms, your going to have that powerful look women simply can’t resist.

Workout routine:

**These exercises are done in super-set form for 4 sets of 10s
**Use a weight that will only allow you to do 10 reps
**Dips needs to be done till failure


Barbell or dumbbell bicep curls super-set with skull crushers:
Close grip barbell curls super-set with dips

This workout might look simple but I promise you it works,

And if you’re serious about building huge arms, then check out this video now:

In that video I’ll show you the most common mistakes normal guys make that prevent them from gaining muscle. And I show you what you can do instead to build the ripped, muscular body women love.

If building muscle is important to you, you NEED to see this:

Train hard,


Best Excuses For Not Working Out


What’s up guys,

Mike here and im going over all the best and worse excuses why someone can’t workout. No matter what your excuse is, you can always find a way to overcome it.

Recently I had a tear on my hamstrings, its been about two weeks and its still purple and blue. I could of easily skipped 2 weeks of working out but instead I simply focused on the body parts that weren’t injured. Always focus on the the positive side of things and the negative effects will fade away.

So whenever you are thinking about skipping a workout, do watch this video and get your butt up and like Nike says, just do it.

And if you’re look to put on ripped muscles Fast, check out the free video below’t-Exercise!

In that video I show you why 95% of guys who wish they could gain muscle fail to EVER gain any size. It comes down to four huge mistakes that almost all guys in the gym are making…but which most guys don’t even know about.

I’ll show you what the mistakes are, so you can avoid them. And I’ll also show you the “weird” style of


1 crazy trick to build muscle:

Hey y’all! In today’s episode, I’m going to show you one of my FAVORITE bodyweight exercises for building chest and upper body muscle…BUDDY PUSHUPS! Whenever I’m traveling and need to get a quick pump in, I always get who ever is with me to knock out a couple of sets of these buddy push ups.

It’s a bit more difficult then your average push ups but it will fill your chest with blood and really give you a deep and crazy stretch to help force maximum growth.

Buddy push up workout description:

Option 1:

Place you hand on the upper back of your buddy and apply downward pressure. I suggest doing at least 12 reps of 6 sets each.

Option 2:

You got to watch the video to find out. Here’s a little insight, I call it the “Raging Bull”.

Hope you enjoyed the video and understand why we try to provide so many different ways perform such workouts. I want everyone to be able to exercise no matter where they are, the amount of equipment you have and most importantly how much time is allowed. So make me proud and don’t skip

Injury Update!

What’s up everyone!

So this week’s blog topic is about injuries.  I have unfortunately been inspired to write about this topic because of a personal injury that i received recently.

So to update you guys I recently had the worst pulled hamstring i have ever had.  I am no stranger to pulling my hamstring here and there over the years but man I did a number on it this time!  I literally pulled my hamstring so hard that it was close to completely ripping off the bone!  Check out this gnarly tissue damage that is all over my leg now.


It happened when i was doing wind sprints about a week ago.  If you have seen one of my newest youtube videos called Flex Friday: Race Day then you heard how i mentioned i could not race that day because I had destroyed my hamstring by practicing for that race.  I used to sprint and jog all the time but recently with …

CRAZY RACE DAY – Flex Fridays

Yo, it’s Mike Chang here with the whole Flex Friday crew.

So everyone always talk about how they’re more athletic then the next person, how they are faster and more powerful. So what’s a better way to prove it then in a old fashion race.

Today on Flex Friday we gonna let the body do the talking and running of course.

We’ve got racers:

T.J., Michael, DJ, Sanela, Justin Mac, and Justin Douglas. Lots of J’s there.

Watch the video and see who wins, and oh yea Mike is going to race the winner.

How fast can you run the 60?

Flex Fridays are design to be fun challenging and something not of the ordinary. We want to forget about dumbbells and cardio just for a moment and really see how functional we can be.

Join us on Flex Friday by sending in your progress pics to

Train Hard


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