How to BLOW UP Your Chest with Tri-Sets

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How Bruce Lee REALLY Stayed Ripped

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 1.56.56 PMHey,

Being in top physical shape is not an easy thing to do… it takes dedication and the right type of training. Bruce Lee is well known for showing off his martial arts skills in many films and always maintaining a ripped physique.

He was an actor, martial artist and maintained the body he wanted for his entire life.

Train Like Bruce Lee Today

These are just a few reasons this highly dedicated man stayed in such excellent shape for most of his life.

He always stayed motivated with different types of workouts. When Bruce was young he took up the study of Gung Fu (Cantonese pronunciation of Kung Fu) and set out to change his body and future. At the age of 13 he started to train daily and focus on bettering himself. To be so motivated at a young age, it was obvious he was going to go somewhere in life. In a time when most young men would rather be playing and enjoying downtime he was already pushing himself with these types of workouts that continuously challenged his body.

He worked out with unconventional training. A surprising tool that gave him a chiseled physique was actually …

Wanna Sleep like Mike Chang? Here’s Your Chance!


blog_image3What’s up Team Six Pack Shortcuts, it’s Mike!

Wow — it has been a VERY busy and productive year here in Austin. In addition to our #1 YouTube channel, we’ve also released Six Pack Sleep and have several soon-to-be-released projects in the works. All of this will help you get BEYOND ripped and live the life of your dreams!

To be honest though, not long ago, I don’t think I could’ve kept up with it all.

About a year ago or so, I found myself struggling to keep up with my commitments. Not only was my work life suffering, but it was killing my personal training and relationships. I was having a rough time.

There was only one place to make a change: my sleep. But I went the WRONG DIRECTION — I cut back instead of adding more.

I knew it was the wrong thing to do. Hell, I’ve been telling you about the equally important relationship of deep sleep, training hard and eating well for years. I tried to convince myself that I’d just catch up on it later (which is impossible).

Soon after I trimmed a few hours from my nightly snooze, some …

The OFFICIAL is Blowing Up!

Hey y’all,

Mike Chang holding Afterburn Fuel

If you know anything about our crew at, you know we

workout harder than the rest, because we’re fueled by the best! Afterburn Fuel

has quite literally revolutionized everything you have ever known about being the

strongest, leanest and most toned version of yourself imaginable. And we believe will change the game when it comes to making your fitness a


You see, we realize that the health and wellness market is rather saturated with

products and plans claiming to be the “next Six Pack Shortcuts.” But all of these

wannabes eventually learn that nothing compares to our seamless and balanced

approach to your health. We created to trim the fat – technically

and literally. What does this mean for you?

It’s simple really. We now host the premiere entry point for anyone searching for

our exclusive Afterburn Fuel content. Our latest addition to the Six Pack Shortcuts

family of web destinations will be your one-stop shop for all things pre-workout.

The Advantage

We are so lucky to have millions of people who are beyond passionate about what

we do. Our goal is to give you every resource you will ever need to look …

The 3 Secrets to Fitness Success

Hey y’all,

Today I am going to share something that is a bit different than usual.  I love offering fitness and nutrition tips, but in this article I am going to share with you a part of my life that I don’t share very often. I am going to share the business side of and the 3 secrets to fitness success.

First of all, I just want to thank all of you for your support the last few years.  I appreciate being able to share my experiences and passion for fitness with the world. It all happened so quick… it seems like just yesterday I was thinking about starting Six Pack Shortcuts.

The honest truth is, I am so happy that I get to do what I love full time and sometimes I don’t take the time to appreciate that often enough, but I’m only human… I do one push up at a time just like you, so now is just as good a time as ever to show my appreciation.

Alright, so getting back to the business side of my company.  Here are two videos that show you the other side of Mike Chang, Me… (pretty weird talking …

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