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Six Pack Abs... In 3 Simple Steps:

Hey man, I’m Clark.

And right now I’m going to show you the 3 simple, proven steps that my clients and I personally used to get rid of our belly fat and finally have six pack abs.

The best part is: So will you.

Now, just like you, it’s hard for most guys to accept the fact that their belly fat is getting worse and worse... along with the helpless feeling you get with each failed attempt you’ve made to get rid of it. And you’re reminded of this every time you see yourself in an unexpected, candid photo, when your clothes are feeling tighter, and every time you catch a glimpse of how much you’ve let your belly go in the mirror.

Now you’ve probably told yourself many times before that you would do something about your belly fat, but it’s hard to know what’s truly right for you. And as you get older and busier with work and family... you realize that you don’t have time to just try things out. You need something that works on the first try.

Now if you’ve tried dieting and training with all sorts of mainstream fitness programs out there but nothing seemed to work, I want to be the first person to tell you “It’s not your fault at all.”

With the help of my doctor, I discovered that there’s one specific thing in your body that is causing your struggle with belly fat. It’s your Imbalanced Hormones... Now, it’s not something you did purposefully. Like I said - it’s not your fault. It’s a natural process that most men suffer from... However it is up to you to fix this issue... if you want to enjoy life now with the ripped body that you want.

It took me a year to find out how to optimize a man’s fat burning hormones naturally - And that was with the help of my team of trainers and my doctor. And if you were to try to figure this out on your own, it would take you a ton of time... time you don’t have in your busy life.

That’s why I want to hand over to you my exact blueprint that includes my unique hormone training workouts and customized meal plans. From every set down to each single rep... I’ll show you in full how everything works. I want to give you the opportunity to get abs like I did.... but without the time-wasting mistakes. I’ve simplified the hormone boosting process into just 3 easy steps. Each step is designed to get you closer and closer to the six pack abs that you want. I’ve customized each workout into unique sequences of exercises that have been shown to support the ideal hormone conditions needed to for you to get rid of belly fat and have six pack abs.

If you’re like me, then fast and efficient results matter… and those results will only begin once you start supporting your vital fat burning hormones. This way, you can continue burning fat in and out of the gym... even while you sleep, or while doing the things you love. And to make thing even easier for you... I put each workout from these 3 hormone boosting steps in a series of short entertaining videos. This way you can watch anywhere with WIFI or a standard internet connection, and have all your questions answered as you try them out today.

The truth is that you don’t need to spend your life at the gym to get the body you want... And you sure as hell don’t need to be a gifted athlete or born with great genetics. The truth is, we’ve all let work and our busy lifestyle take over... and it’s really affecting the way we look.

The only difference between you and other out of shape guys is that you are ready to do something about it now... and it’s a lot easier than you think; if you know what to do. And that's exactly what you’ll learn in “3 Simple Steps” below...

So if you're a man looking to take your first step with getting in shape, the information below will show you:

3 Simple Steps To Six Pack Abs... without spending hours at the gym and struggling with diets.

How to burn off your stubborn belly fat and give you the confidence to experience the prime of your life now.

How to overcome poor genetics, and get ripped six pack abs even if you’ve had belly fat for as long as you can remember.

Optimize your fat burning hormones and set your body in Auto Fat burning mode.

Get in the best shape of your life and have the confidence to meet the women of your dreams and live the life you deserve.

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But First... Take My 6 Second Belly Fat Test:

Before you go any further, I want you to do a simple test. It might make you feel a little uncomfortable -- I know it did when I struggled with belly fat! But it’s critically important you complete this test now, because it will give you some important information about your hormones and what you need to do to optimize them.

1. I want you to open up both of your hands, reach down and slip your fingers just right under the belly fat that’s hanging over the waistline of your pants.

Go ahead...This is something I have all my personal clients do and is a very important part of how you’ll be able to get rid of that stubborn belly fat.

2.Now with your thumb squeeze down gently... give it a firm squeeze.

You did it, right? Now, like most guys your age that I have helped, you're probably holding onto something that's been bothering you for a while. You may even be a bit shocked to notice that there’s quite a bit more belly fat than you expected...But you’re not the only one... because just like you, the majority of all men are carrying around this same kind of belly fat that’s taking over their stomach area.

3. Now, as you're holding on to that belly fat... slide your hands along the side of your waist.

You’re probably starting to feel how that excess fat is spilling along the side of your body and even onto your back.

Now, I want to ask you... How old are you right now? And honestly, when did you think you would look your very best? Most likely at the age you are right now... right?

But do you? And is this how you imagined you would look at this age? Probably not... How did this make you feel? I understand this is not the best feeling. But...

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So What’s Real Cause Of That Belly Fat You’re Holding Onto... And Why Has Almost Every Diet or Workout You’ve Tried So Far Failed?

During the 6 Second Test, If you were able to grab even just an inch of belly fat, Chances are that your body is lacking the production of your key fat burning hormones. You see, being overweight or having belly fat often has nothing to do with cutting calories or performing hours of exercise. Instead, it actually has everything to do with the most overlooked (but most vital) part of your body... And that is your fat burning hormones. Now if you didn’t know, certain hormones in your body control whether you’ll be ripped or fat...

Don’t get me wrong... Even though lowering your calorie intake or doing cardio can help a little bit... It will all just be a waste of time and effort if your key fat burning hormones are out of control...

If your hormones aren't working properly for you, it’ll feel like your body is cancelling out your efforts in working out and make it seem like everything you eat is being stored as excess belly fat. We’ve all had that feeling.... And it’s because your hormones are putting you at a huge disadvantage when it comes regulating your body’s fat burning metabolism.

On top of that, there are certain types of diets and workouts that are making your weight gain and belly fat even worse. And you’re probably doing them mistakenly because you were told by “So-Called” fitness experts that it was good for you... however they are killing your hormones and causing the belly fat you have right now. That’s why I want to show you...

3 Things You Need to Stop Doing If You Want To Optimize Your Fat Burning Hormones... In Fact, You Might Be Doing Them Right Now.

#1 Do not cut your calories down too rapidly.

Now, cutting calories might seem like a good idea for fat loss, however, doing it to rapidly lose weight can cause a reverse reaction and pack more belly fat onto your stomach.

Webmd reports that “when people diet, they eat less... which then decreases the amount of leptin produced... Now your leptin level goes below your ideal leptin threshold. When it does that, your brain senses starvation.... so you get hungrier. Plus, your body will then begin to take up extra energy and store it as fat.”

And here is how fast this can happen: after just a few days of dieting... your leptin levels can drop by over 30%... This means you’ll immediately start adding fat straight to your belly.

#2 - Avoid Low Fat Diets.

Now, cutting fat away from your meals might seem like a good idea for fat loss, but that’s the absolute opposite.

In fact, the key is to actually eat more fat.

Now if you didn’t know, your T- Hormone is vital for you as a man. This hormone keeps fat off your body and helps you stay ripped and muscular. And having high levels of T-hormones is the surefire way for you to unlock your true fat loss potential.

Well, most people don’t realize this, but dietary fat is the precursor for your T - hormone. This means you need fat to produce higher levels of it.

However, you just can’t chomp away on fried foods; you need to eat the right types of fat... which I’ll show you in the Six Pack Meal Plan Below.

#3 - Avoid Workouts that Cause Hormonal Disruptions.

The honest truth is that not all workouts are good for you... in fact, some of the most common ones we see in popular fitness magazines or blogs can actually harm your body’s hormone production.

On top of that, certain long or extremely intense workouts can overtrain your body, triggering the production of stress hormones which causes you to store even more fat.

The bad news is that these are probably the most popular workouts you see being done by the majority of people who are trying to lose weight. Maybe including yourself... but if you've tried them and you are still holding onto belly fat right now... you need to know they’re not working, and you need to stop doing them altogether.

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Here Are The

3 Hormone Killing Workouts You Must Avoid

#1 - Avoid Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic Exercises include group fitness classes you see most women doing your local health club, and Infomercial group fitness courses you see late at night on TV.

The US National Library of Medicine reports that, “leptin concentrations are reduced 48 hours after long-term aerobic exercise.”

Leptin is also in control of your hunger, and it’s one of the main reasons why you might notice greater cravings after a long aerobic workout. This means low leptin levels caused by this type of training will lead you to not only eat more, but to store those excess calories directly as fat in your stomach area.

Now these aerobic training class are not the most effective for fat loss because they’re designed to improve endurance conditioning. - Which means training your body to sustain long periods of training. But unfortunately, this type of training has been proven to have a minimal effect on your your key fat burning hormones.

In order to boost these hormones, you need to do exercises that targets more than one muscle group at a time... And that’s exactly why you need to focus on a special type of training called “resistance training.” However, you cannot just use any type of resistance training to boost your hormones. Just like aerobic exercise, there are some that can hurt your hormone production, which I’ll show you below. And also, I’ll show you the specific type of resistance training you need to do instead.

#2 - Avoid Cardio such as the treadmill, cycling, or the elliptical machine

Now even though it seems like common sense that cardio is the best for fat loss, that’s actually wrong.

Not only does cardio burn very small amounts of fat while you are working out... leaving you to burn nothing for the rest of the day, it’s also scientifically proven to cause damage to your key fat burning hormones.

The US National Library of Medicine research shows that, “a reduction in leptin concentrations reported from running or cycling has been attributed to a reduction in circulating leptin... and may explain consistent reports of reductions in leptin concentrations following extreme bouts of exercise such as marathons or ultramarathons.”

And that’s just the beginning.

In a study done by the National Strength and Conditioning Association - Research showed that... Performing (cardio) also known as conditioning work, left male hormones depressed at 24 and 48 hours post exercise.

Just like aerobic exercise above, this type of workout is great for endurance, but will do very little for fat burn and to support your fat burning hormones.

#3 Avoid Bodybuilding.

The truth about bodybuilding is that it’s great for building muscle. However the muscle you built will be hidden beneath the layer of fat you have. And this layer of fat is something that bodybuilding really won't help you get rid of.

And as you build more and more muscle... All you’re really doing is pushing your fat out further, and making you look even more bloated and fat.

That’s why most bodybuilders are only ripped for one single day of the year... and that’s either for a big competition or for the photo shoot after the show.

And the rest of the time they’re bloated and fat... They call it their “off season”.

In addition, bodybuilding is also very stressful to your body’s hormones and can trigger mild inflammation and regular bloating.

That causes you to store lots of water weight, losing any muscle definition you might have, giving you that round balloon look... Which most guys mistake for muscle gain.

That's why most of these workouts have not worked for you... The key is to keep these hormones optimized and avoid things that can damage it.

Bottom Line: When your body produces more fat burning hormones - Burning fat is easy and your body will naturally prevent fat from being stored. However....

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If Your Fat Burning Hormones Levels Are Low... Losing Even An Ounce of Belly Fat Can Seem Impossible... No Matter If You Are Eating The Perfect Diet Or Working Out Every Day.

Now If you didn’t know... The human body is more powerful than any exercise or medication... If your hormones are in place. Your body’s power source is your endocrine system, which produces all of your most vital hormones. Our body’s hormone systems control everything we do… And not just your body’s primal functions such as heart rate or breathing; they control just about every aspect of your appearance, too. Now, most people don’t realize that there are hormones which control the rate at which your body can burn fat, ultimately determining how ripped you can get. On the opposite end, there are also certain hormones that tell your body to store more fat... causing you to struggle with the belly fat you have today. Can you see why taking control of your hormones can completely change the way you look? And once you learn exactly how to control your Master Fat Burning Hormones (and block the bad, fat-storing ones) getting rid of your belly fat and having a six pack will become that much easier. But before you start doing time-consuming medical research on how to optimize your fat burning hormones... or go get a biology degree... I’ve saved you a few years of studying and brought the research straight to you through the help of my Doctor, Men’s Health and Wellness specialist... Dr. Don Allen Salyer. I was able to discover a way that allows you to fully control your body’s fat burning hormones and simply have them automatically eliminate your belly fat by doing all the work for you. It does this by turning off your enemy - the fat storing hormones... and switching on your new best friends and secret weight loss weapons - the fat burning hormones. And lastly, this method also shows you how to activate a hormone that blocks belly fat and removes it from your midsection at the exact same time. Literally, this hormone is so powerful that it simply will not allow you to store fat in the belly region. That’s why - if you want a six pack - increasing the activity of these hormones will be key. And I’ll show you the scientific way to increase them within your own body (naturally) below... But you’re probably wondering...

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Why Don’t You Have Enough Of These Fat Burning Hormones Right Now... And Is Something Wrong With Your Body?

Explained By Dr. Don Allen Salyer:

Now don’t worry... you already have these hormones... but unfortunately you don’t have enough of them.

You see, everyone is genetically designed to produce these fat burning hormones... but if you’ve got excess body fat, then chances are you don’t have enough of them.

And it’s not your fault... It’s a common issue that most guys suffer from called hormone deficiency.

This is where your body doesn’t produce enough of these vital fat burning hormones. And this hormone issue is the reason why the average guy carries around 17 pounds of extra weight in their belly.

Now don’t be scared; you didn’t do anything to mess up your hormones... in fact, hormone imbalance is actually quite normal...

Like most men, you probably thought hormone issues only happen to women or old people. Well that’s actually not true... a major shift in your body’s hormones happens when your teen years are over.

That why most guys start adding on extra pounds on their belly after high school... and so forth as you get older. And by the time you’ve reached your mid 20 or 30’s.... You’ve probably already noticed a bit of belly fat on your stomach... and that’s just for those with MINOR hormonal imbalance.

For those who have a significant amounts of belly fat, you’re facing more severe hormonal issues. And it’s natural for your hormones to decrease as you get busy with studies, work... and become less and less physical than you were when you were young. And honestly, men weren't meant to live that long... You see, men in the 1800s only lived up to an average age of 33.

And the reason men are living longer these days is due to modern technology in healthcare and medicine, such as vaccinations, and systems put in place to keep the water and food we eat sanitary. However, internally, our bodies haven’t changed that much. This means that our hormonal production still functions as if we are only meant to live till 33. And at around this age, our hormone production no longer functions at it’s optimal levels... because it thinks it’s no longer needed.

It’s the reason why our hormones and our prime peaks at around our teen years... and begins to decrease thereafter. Now - we’re all different and this hormonal change affects some men more than others.

However, if you’re seeing signs such as... Gradual weight gain, especially in the stomach area. Frequent signs of fatigue, such as finding it hard to wake up in the morning and feeling sleepy by mid day. Emotional changes, such as feeling irritable more often, lack of confidence in the way you look, or self doubt. These are just a few.. so if you’ve experienced even just one of these clear signs of hormonal imbalance, then chances are that your hormones aren’t where they need to be.

But What If You Could Naturally Increase These Hormones 24 Hours A Day... Wouldn’t It Be 100X Easier To To Get Rid Of Your Belly Fat?

You see, with the help of my doctor, I discovered that there's a natural type of hormone training that can support and optimize your hormone levels fast.

The thing is, if you know the right type of exercise to use, you not only can burn lots of calories during your workouts, you can take complete control of your body’s production of those 2 key fat burning hormones.... And let them burn fat for you 24 hours a day.

Can you picture your body burning fat all day and night... even while you sleep? Instead of just the short period of time you spend grinding it out in the gym?

So what type of exercises should you be doing to boost your fat burning hormones?

It’s a technique called compound training...

Compound Training

In compound exercises, you are using 2 to 3 major muscle groups at the same time, allowing you to activate a larger amount of total muscle at once… This could double or even triple your the amount of fat you’ll burn. Remember, the more muscle you can stimulate, the more calories you can burn. In addition to burning more calories during your workout... this increased muscular activation instantly triggers a significant boost to your hormones during - and even 24-48 hours after you workout.


Isolation Exercise

Most of the common resistance techniques, such as those in bodybuilding, use isolation exercises. Isolation exercises focus simply on one small muscle at a time... this is good if you are trying to build that one little muscle, but very ineffective if you’re trying to lose fat and support your hormones.

Just look at the difference in the amount of total muscle activated in a compound movement compared to a regular exercise.... With this large area of muscle activation you can clearly see why this type of compound exercise will cause your body to secrete much more fat blocking hormones and burn more fat at the same time.

And what’s more, certain unique compound bodyweight exercises are also very effective in boosting your key male hormones.

So if you’re a beginner, simple bodyweight squats like this can be a powerful hormone boosting exercise. And if these aren’t challenging for you, making certain key adjustments to increase resistance can get you the potent hormone support you need instantly.

Remember, you can’t just pick any compound exercise that you find online... You’ll need to customize each exercise to support your specific goal.

But don’t worry if you’re not sure how to customize or find the right exercises for supporting your hormones...

Through countless testing with my personal clients, research, and with the help of my doctor...

We’ve put together a set of customized workouts focused specifically on getting rid of your harmful belly fat, and designed an additional style of compound training focusing on supporting your Key Fat Burning Hormone levels. And I’ll show you what they are...

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But There's One Last Issue You Need To Fix First Before You Can Start Boosting Your Hormone....

So now that you know the importance of having optimized hormones... And you also know that using a certain type of hormone training can help...

There just one last thing you have to do first... You must get rid of your belly fat.

Studies show that having belly fat suppresses and destroys your fat burning hormones.

Men’s Health reports that Belly fat, “contains aromatase, an enzyme that converts Male Hormones into estrogens, the main sex hormones in women. Having extra estrogens floating around your system triggers your body to slow its production of your Male Hormones. And the less Male Hormones you make, the more belly fat you accumulate and the more estrogens you spew. It's a vicious, emasculating circle.

In fact, a study of 1,822 men by the New England Research Institutes (NERI) confirmed that a man's waist circumference is the single strongest predictor of low Male Hormone levels. It's even more accurate than age or overall health.”

And it’s the same with Leptin...

Leptin is a very powerful fat burning hormone that can be affected by your fat cells. And when you have excess belly fat, leptin levels become off balance and your body’s fat burning effects are negatively affected.

Like you, most guys are trapped in this vicious cycle. And having existing belly fat is causing your fat burning hormone production to shut down.... and this leads you to gain more belly fat... regardless of if you are working out and dieting.

And without enough fat burning hormones, it’s almost impossible to get rid of the belly fat... And this vicious cycle will continue on and on unless you get rid of this gut first.

Bottom line: as long as you have that belly fat, it’ll cancel out any fat burning hormone increase you may potentially experience from performing the proper training.

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Now the solution my doctor and I discovered to stop this vicious cycle is to go through what I call a “fat loss jump-start phase” And that’s where the Afterburn Effect comes in.

Now if you’re not familiar with the Afterburn Effect... it’s a way to keep your body automatically burning fat on its own - even when you're not working out.

It’s done using a unique sequence of customized compound exercises to trigger a post workout, fat-burning effect that can last up to 48 hours.

This means you’re not only burning fat in the short period of time you’re exercising... But the Afterburn effect will actually allow you to keep burning fat even after your workout ends... like when you’re sitting at work, hanging out with your friends, and even while you are sleeping.

Additionally, the Afterburn effect was the key fat-burning factor in the original Six Pack Shortcuts program, and the main reason why the program was so effective in helping guys get rid of their belly fat.

By taking advantage of the Afterburn Effect first, you’ll be able to rapidly get rid of your belly fat which is destroying your hormones... and allow you to focus on your fat burning hormone levels without any disturbance or delay.

Now here’s the thing: The Afterburn Effect is very powerful in getting rid of your belly fat... but you can’t just repeat it over and over - You must go on to the next step of fat burning.

Imagine The Afterburn Effect as the 1st gear of your car. Now this gear is so powerful it can move a car from a dead stop. However if you stay in 1st gear, your car won’t go very fast and will burn out your clutch.

Just like how Afterburn Effect can jump-start your metabolism, even though it's at a fat burning dead stop... if you repeat it... the fat burning won’t speed up to your desired speed.

Now in order to make the car go faster, after the 1st gear, you must move on to 2nd gear, then to 3rd gear.

It’s the same with fat burning... after your AfterBurn Effect 1st gear, you must move on to the next fat burning gears... which will allow you to burn fat as fast as possible. And I’ll show you what that is right now.

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Now You’re Ready To For All 3 Simple Steps To Boost Your Hormones.

Step 1. “Jump-start your fat loss” using a few weeks of workouts designed to maximize the Afterburn Effect.

And like I just explained, using Afterburn training workouts will allow you to quickly and dramatically reduce your belly fat, and stop any further hormonal damage. At the same time, allow you to focus on boosting the production of these hormones, and get you ripped abs fast.

Step 2. Next, take a few weeks to focus your workouts and diet to maximizing your leptin levels.

With your belly fat eliminated from the fat loss jumpstart...Your vital fat burning hormones will no longer be destroyed by the dangerous chemicals your belly fat was harnessing. You’ll now be able to fully optimize and support your master fat burning hormone, leptin. In Step 2, I recommend customizing and choosing specific exercises scientifically proven to support your leptin levels. This will take your fat loss to the next level and ensure that you don’t just gain the weight back. Plus, this will also reduce your appetite, making it much easier to make healthier food choices.

Step 3. Finally, take a few weeks and focus your training on boosting your male hormones. This will help you more with your fat burning, and will help you gain muscle once you’re lean

This will actually block the fat from being stored on your stomach. It’s critically important that you do these steps in this exact order, and that you do the right compound workouts and eat the right foods in each phase. I’ll give you the details of exactly how to do that in a minute...

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What Do You Think About These Results?

First I want to show you the actual results of Johnson Li, one of my good friends and first of my test-training subjects who went through my 3 step hormone training.

He's almost 40, and just one of the thousands who has already transformed his body from the soft and pudgy look to the ripped athletic body we all want... It’s the same style of training I use and I’m sure you can see similar results if you try out what we did.

Johnson Li - Before Starting Workout Program

Step 1

This is Johnson after quickly eliminating his belly fat with the Afterburn effect in Step 1.

Step 2

And this is him after completing Step 2 - the Leptin boost phase.

Step 3

And this is Johnson after completing the final step - The Male Hormone boosting phase.

It was shocking to see how Johnson was getting more ripped than most guys I'd seen in magazines... in fact I think he even had better abs than me. And it didn’t take him years, it took just a couple of short months... and with just those 3 hormone boosting steps.

Now can you believe a normal guy who’s carried around belly fat most of his life could go from struggling with belly fat to having one of the best bodies out there? Image yourself doing the same as Johnson... Once you try this, you’ll realize it’s a lot easier than you think.

Johnson is proof that you don’t need great genetics or much fitness experience at all to get in shape... In fact, even if you’ve failed many times before and have damaged your hormones with the wrong diets and workouts like he did... These 3 simple hormone supporting steps can reverse that damage, and revamp your system completely…

He Did All With Six Pack Shortcuts 2

Now if you’re anything like Johnson was when he first started, you probably have no clue which exercises are right for boosting your hormones.

And even if you’ve figured out some of the compound moves that will support your hormones... Finding or putting them in the right sequences will take you forever to do... In my case it took me almost an entire year to do with the help of my doctor...

So listen… at this point you have two options... Option one... Waste one whole year or even more of your valuable time while you customize your own workouts and structure them into hormone-boosting sequences of your own - hoping they might work…

Or there’s a much easier route; option two... Just do what Johnson did and use the program I’ve customized for guys just like you already. I’ve done all the work and it’s proven and designed to bring your hormones to their optimal levels... just like it did for Johnson.

Now, if you like saving time and like having guaranteed results like I do... then option two is a no brainer.

Because I have everything mapped out for you from Day 1 to the day you’ll look at yourself in the mirror and see your Six Pack Abs for the first time... Every movement and every compound variation and step is all here... all you have to do is take it and do it. Now - I’ve openly shown thousands of guys this new type of hormone training and verified that it works...

And it’s time you’re given the same opportunity and experience... To finally look your very best NOW, and not waste away the prime of your life.

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What’s All Included In Six Pack Shortcuts 2

This simple 3 step fat loss system is called “Six Pack Shortcuts 2.”

It’s designed to get rid of your belly fat and finally give you six pack abs in the shortest amount of time by enhancing your body’s hormone production to the peak levels that are safe for men to permanently sustain.

It utilized the most effective belly fat burning technique from my original Six Pack Shortcuts program - The Afterburn Effect.

In addition, I’ve included my newly discovered hormone-support training which my doctor and I’ve spent nearly a year putting together.

And it’s all scientifically based to work with and enhance your body’s natural hormone production.

You’ll naturally boost your fat burning hormone production without dangerous drugs or ever becoming dependant on hormone therapy.

All you need is just a few short hormone training workouts a week, and you’ll be able to get rid of the belly fat you’ve been struggling with.

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You’ll Also Get These Bonuses when You Try Out With Six Pack Shortcuts 2

Bonus #1
2 Weeks Free - The Six Pack Meal Plan.

I’ve included my Six Pack Meal Plan for you to have. This eating system is designed to not only boost the Afterburn Effect and get rid of you belly faster... It’s also structured to further enhance your hormone levels 24 hours a day.

Can you picture how much easier and enjoyable losing your belly fat would be if you no longer have to diet or eat tasteless, boring foods?

On top of that, how awesome would it be to know exactly which delicious foods you’ll need to eat in order to boost your master fat burning hormones?

Man, just follow this simple nutrition plan and let your body’s hormone system do all the hard work for you... Literally, with the proper foods, your fat burning hormones will be working hard to burn fat for you 24 hours a day... and even while you sleep.

And just a quick preview... In these live meal plan videos, I will demonstrate step by step for you how to prepare foods that you love... like steak, potatoes, delicious dietary fats and even certain cheat foods you thought you could never eat again... if you wanted a six pack, that is.

On top of that, you learn how to prepare it all in just an hour a week and for the faction of the price of eating out.

Bonus #2
Accelerated Abs

I also have something else for you... I’m going to give you my Accelerated Abs and Arm Blaster training program.

The Accelerated Abs program is designed to help you get that impressive abdominal V taper look we all want faster.

Now I know that in order to see your abs, you must first get rid of your belly fat. And it’s true... but while we are working on melting away your belly fat, the Accelerated Abs program will be targeting the lower portions of the abs which are the hardest to get. This will give you a huge advantage on seeing the clear cut abs you want - once your fat has melted away.

Accelerated Abs comes with 21 different five minute “Ab Accelerators” workouts.

I’ll show you how to combine these Ab Accelerators with your Six Pack Shortcuts 2 workouts in the most effective ways for beginner, intermediate, and advanced guys. All you’ll have to do is five minutes of these accelerators after each workout to see the abs you want faster.

Bonus #3
Arm Blaster

The next bonus is my personal Arm Blaster program... This is a full series of arm sculpting workouts you can use along with your hormone training.

Now don’t get me wrong, our main goal of course is to get rid of belly fat...

But as a guy, arms are one of the primary muscle groups that we care most about… and it’s easy to see why.

Now your arms are on display to everyone constantly, right?

In fact, it’s one of the first things people notice when they see you... especially women.

So while you are cutting away your belly fat, you will also be able to develop the lean ripped arms that will give you instant respect in any social setting situation at the same time.

Bonus #4
Six Pack Mobile App

Best of all, I’m also giving you free access to my new Six Pack Shortcuts APP. This only takes a second to download on your smartphone or tablet. This app will allow you to watch each workout video instantly anywhere with internet connection. And our new app doesn’t just give you convenient access to your training also contains some revolutionary new technology that will make getting in shape much faster and easier for you. And that’s not all, with this training APP, you can schedule alarms to remind you of your workouts. Take progress pics... like Johnson did to see your week to week improvements and progress. Also, I’ve included short demonstration videos of every single exercise I know... Not just the ones in the program, so if ever you want to try something new on your own... you won’t have to spend hours online trying to find out if you are doing those new exercises right. I’ve made it super convenient for you and I’ll show you exactly how it works in a bit... It’s super simple.

Bonus #5
DVD Set and Instant Online Access

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